The United States Congressman Ted Yoho met with Mongolian wool and cashmere representatives

The U.S. Congressman and member of Republican Party Ted Yoho and other 40 representatives presented the legislative bill of “Mongolian Third Neighbor Trade Act” to the U.S. Congress House of Representatives. Effectiveness of the bill will allow the opportunity to import  Mongolian cashmere, woven and knitted products to the United States free of tax and its impact would be huge to Mongolian economical growth and wool and cashmere sector.

The meeting took place in Washington D.C and was attended by the United States Congressman and member of Republican Party Mr. Ted Yoho, Parliament Member and Deputy Chairman of American Parliamentary Group Ms.Undraa A., Parliament Member and President of Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association Mr. Bat-Erdene J.,  Executive Director of Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association Ms. Altantsetseg D., and also delegates from Mongolian cashmere manufacturing companies such as Blue-Sky Cashmere, Snow Fields Cashmere, PCY, Sor Cashmere, Suvd Cashmere, Ulemj Cashmere, and Gobi-Aigar. During the meeting, representatives had a detailed discussion on Mongolian wool and cashmere export and exchanged their views on further operations. Mongolian cashmere producing companies met with initiators of the legislative bill and expressed their views on Mongolian Third Neighbor Trade Act and its importance to Mongolian economical and social development.


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